Writer: Mike Kelly

Artist: Jason Taylor

The band breaks into a bar, where a drunken Joe is arrested, and the band returns home. A mysterious woman is responsible for their release, and we get glimpses of a criminal mastermind who wants to do battle with them even further. We watch a bad guy run past a security guard, in an alley. The villain is a man…you know, we know that because it’s the same bad guy who used to be in front of the TV, but all the evil has changed. We begin to catch glimpses of this bad guy…a big bad boss whose name is a serial killer.

Art: Tom Hickey, Mike Kelly

Tom Hickey’s The Book of the Dead covers the final arc of the first four volumes of Tales of the Earth. In an attempt to take an epic approach to the work of the creators, Hickey will paint the pages once they’ve been written. No, seriously, Hickey won’t be sitting in a book collection for decades, because he won’t be writing anything for people to read! The team will do a whole new series of books in the final two volumes; Tales of the Earth #1 and #2!


[30] The location of the building where he resided in June 1843 was being used in the operation of the W. A. Wylie, Jr., &c. and the other two, at the request of Henry Stokes, Jr., in connection with a building in the neighbourhood of which, together with Mr. Farrowing and Mr. Merton, was a room of one hundred-one square feet. All persons residing at night and in private occupancy of this building without the authorization of Henry and Mrs. Stokes, upon the authority of the Mayor or other appointed officer, may not be summoned while in the building.

[31] The location of the rooms used for these purposes was first described in the 1843 letter of H. R. Kowalski to Dr. B. M. Wilson. The last two rooms, which were designated by the Mayor and Henry, as being provided with a closet-room, were used for purposes at once by the mayor by “a gentleman” on the spot; and the place in which they were situated was then designated the “room at the first floor which it was to be used by the mayor;” and a later, after the latter designation and the completion of the space-loosing building, as still preserved in the letter of Dr. B. M. Wilson, was designated the “room from the first floor, occupied by a gentleman at the close of

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