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– 11-11-2010 – –

I bought a 3 oz. bag of coconut brownie meringue and was super stoked at my friend’s birthday. She was a very happy grandma who was also really understanding on her behalf. I was surprised her husband was happy and we exchanged the bag immediately. I bought a 4 oz. bag of Coconut Brownie and had absolutely no problems with that. I’ve gotten great happy messages from family all over the country when I make coconut brownies. You guys must really make this happen. I will be back!

I didn’t find anything very exciting about Coconut Chocolate, I think it’s a great ingredient, but this would seem too much for some people, but I tried mixing it with coconut milk.

I don’t think coconut is the right name for a chocolate, so don’t call it any more than that. I just think it’s too complex for some people.

It’s a very good product, it doesn’t contain many coconut flavors. I’m very excited to try it with cocoa powder and black coffee because it’s a great treat for those who love something different, or for people who just want to try coconut-coated cakes and stuff. It also

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