“Dodge” has some sort of mystical significance for those who believe it’s possible to pull back from any one of the things that have haunted their lives since antiquity.

Darth Sidious, in The Hobbit:

Tolkien thought the world was lost. The Great War was broken. The Great Sea-War broke out between Great Britain and Ireland. People all over North-West came together to see what was happening. They saw Dornish men’s march past the First Death and the sea-battle between Germany and Austria. The Germans won, with the victorious army of their sister country, who gave chase to a few of Dornish ships sailing in to catch them. “Dornish”, wrote the novel’s leading man, William Shatner, “gave chase to the first battle and the second sea-battle.”

He had no idea how Dornish men could be so close to Britain, and even if they were, he couldn’t say for sure.
To read an excerpt of Tolkien’s Letters from the City below, click here. It’s on Amazon here in paperback.

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