Electric Home Appliances in Ethiopia

Electric Home Appliances in Ethiopia
Electric Home Appliances in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s first electricity infrastructure building has been built in Kondu, according to Ethiopia’s Ministry of Energy, Agriculture and Resources.

The new building was designed by local businessman Tomu Tsobi, who created the first home appliance brand in the country in 2012 with his own equipment.

In just over four months, the company has grown from three branches to one for the construction of an electric home for 6,000 people.

While working on building in Kondu, a local businessman introduced me to three Ethiopian companies that help out by providing financing for projects of this magnitude.

The first company was in Ghana but they started construction of an electric farm for an agricultural community in Kondu. The company was founded by Aikum Tsobi where they operate to help develop low cost and fast growing technologies in sustainable farming, said a local news agency.

This is the first time in the country that a large percentage of power generation is conducted from solar, and many of the sites include solar panels.

According to Sivirom, an independent energy company based in Kondu that produces less than 20 percent of electricity, the power is “very low cost and low maintenance from hand operated generators

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