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Kerry, CO @ D’Agosto – 1,000 acres of land with more than a thousand houses and a park. This was built around 1940 for the sale of slaves, but has grown into a vibrant town that is now home to more than 200 restaurants and businesses.

Sarasota, ND – 30,000-acre land site, which is home to numerous businesses and provides educational opportunities for the children of Native Americans.

Vancouver, BC – 35,000 acres of acres of land with numerous commercial and recreational centers for the children of Native Americans.

Waterville, KY @ The Village – The Town offers an open, low cost setting of living, shopping, and recreation with many amenities.

Springfield, OH @ The Village – An open residential community offering free and/or discounted parking, outdoor recreation, and affordable living accommodations.

Ebola, Nigeria – 100 million acres of land used to house the inhabitants of the Nigerian capital, Lagos, and its numerous fishing villages –

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