Michael Seifu

Michael Seifu
Michael Seifu

Mr. Chua said he doesn’t think what Mr. Obama and Mr. Xi were doing was “obscene.”

“What we cannot expect from a president who is already at war with America, they are doing absolutely the wrong thing in Syria and their actions against us are a threat to the very lives of tens of thousands of Syrians,” he said.

Despite the risks of war, Mr. Sisi has shown a willingness to act to preserve a sense of national unity in his country. Though he lacks power in military circles, most expect him to remain in power after his term ends in December, and he vowed to “promote a more active role for all, to better manage military affairs.”

Still, the American leader is increasingly seen as a pragmatist. Last month, he had his first meeting of the United States’ senior military advisers, and he’s also set to talk about Iran.

American officials were told to assess a list of targets along the U.S.-China border “as well as threats,” including Russian troops, tanks and surface warships, U.S. officials said in a

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