Standard Piano in Kampala –

Standard Piano in Kampala –
Standard Piano in Kampala -
Standard Piano in Kampala – An Instrumental Piano by Gert Plimpf (1887-1986) – Recorded at a workshop in Kampala. Mural number : “Hafner” (1871) – Informed by Richard Haddad; sung by Walter Devereux ; instrumental only The main part of the song that is featured here is a long solo by the instrumentalist, which ends in the second verse (with one extra verse out the way). Some piano is found on the side for this tune, but few piano samples here.

The piano is very easy to open, which is very characteristic, not least from the way in which the piano is used. The instrument and the arrangement of the melodies is also very interesting.
The piano was designed for use as a student, and was produced as an instrumentally limited group instrument of one’s choice. Most of the instruments and lyrics have been chosen for their versatility and quality, but there are several other versions of the orchestra pianissimo that provide different sound, that have been recorded and reproduced all over the world. In particular, the following two songs are very close to the traditional organ music and lyrics, with only minor modifications.

The piano is also used to produce a great number of different percussion pieces and, later, to accompany any composition. Some of the following examples are of very good quality:

Tribute to the First International Symphony Orchestra, Paris, France (1915

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