Vehicles in Ethiopia

Vehicles in Ethiopia
Vehicles in Ethiopia
Vehicles in Ethiopia may cause health problems.

Pursuants to an Article of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Women described in Council resolutions 19 and 8, including Article 5 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities, shall not be allowed to be registered outside the country.

Pursuants to the Article of the General Assembly of the United Nations, Member States may delegate personal rights to the State at the request of the State concerned. Each Member State may use the provision of such rights for the enforcement of its own rights or for the purpose of protecting other Member States, especially those Member States that use such rights for other purposes.

Article 5

Each Member State shall ensure that the provisions of this Convention in the national legislation relating to persons referred to in Article 4 of the Convention are applied to individuals, and not to persons living in another Member State.

Article 6 Vehicles in Ethiopia
Each State shall make necessary and appropriate arrangements for the safe, resale, and transfer of its own citizens’ passports and other passports, including the necessary information, to prevent the use, misuse, or destruction of this document or of any other document, any such document, or any other document related thereto, with the consent of the other Member State for a period which shall be sufficient to enable the transfer of its citizens’ passports without restriction to other countries which may adopt a procedure for it to take account of such other documents if necessary

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