A rather big

A rather big
A rather big
A rather big problem as he has a long list of problems to improve upon.

If you can’t make the grade, you’re probably gonna get burned.

In his first season last June, Batson had 20 tackles for loss in 14 games. Now that’s a pretty sizeable amount for a rookie rookie. Batson has to replace the lost reps.

A big question mark is whether he makes a huge difference for the Eagles in 2015. Batson’s next position shift could be as a pass rusher. So far this season, he’s not coming up strong at that spot.

Another big question mark is whether he makes the big gains before his rookie season.

Batson started 14 games last season. He’s started 25 over that stretch. While last year Batson finished 1st from scrimmage in 2015 tackles for loss with 12.

With that coming in, let’s examine the play a bit further than I did last June.

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