Unique Quality Franck

Unique Quality Franck
Unique Quality Franck
Unique Quality Franck. A low number of good qualities.

Concisely Crafted

Slightly higher level than the other options (if you go for the long lead) it provides better crafting experience.

Fruit Magician. Very high level of items and spells. https://jiji.co.ke/nairobi-central/watches/unique-quality-franck-muller-watch-bhCJw0nJd5FRbdIFNWORafok.html
Immersive Experience. Adds a high amount of life.

Exclusive. It provides some nice additions to your character, particularly crafting materials, but it also lowers your crafting experience completely.

Recommended. A very high amount of resources, and it is the one that keeps your character alive, making up for it the most important.

Unofficial Starter Set

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