Mobile Computer & IT Services in Ethiopia

Mobile Computer & IT Services in Ethiopia
Mobile Computer & IT Services in Ethiopia

In October, a UN report described how a human rights report on the country called for the United Nations Security Council to hold the United Nations and Human Rights Council accountable for their actions, and warned them to stop “worrying them about their lives, their freedoms even more seriously.”

In another sign, an NGO called “Ethiopia Today” has launched a campaign to raise awareness of “anti-Christian, anti-Islam, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish, anti-African” themes, and also promotes “African-American African Studies Center”.

And in an attempt to put into question the legitimacy of some of President Barack Obama’s statements on the conflict, Human Rights Watch called for media outlets in the country to report on these statements and explain their significance.

“If it’s not the media, it’s [the] mainstream media that is giving this news, their words… to a number of public interest groups in Ethiopia,” Nida Awdekt, Director of the NGO who is working to stop “civil war crimes and the humanitarian catastrophe” said in an exclusive interview with GlobalPost.

The Human Rights Watch report also criticised government policies on education and health services, which it argued did not provide adequate opportunities for teachers and nurses in an inclusive and inclusive country.

Last Update: Wednesday, 30 November 2013 KSA 17:47 – GMT 15:47

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